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Pick up a low-cost MP3 player from iTech Deals to have a quality backup on hand when you need it most. Although most people have plenty of music and streaming services available on their smartphones, a designated MP3 player is a great option for keeping in your car, at work or in your gym bag so you don’t drain your phone’s battery. They’re also a top-notch choice for anyone who regularly travels by plane, as you can operate them without using data or Wi-Fi. All iTech Deals’ MP3 players ship for free! Don’t forget to add a pair of headphones to your order for the best listening experience.

We’ve got the best deals on MP3 players at iTech Deals, with compact shuffle styles that cost just a few dollars all the way up to the full-featured iPod Touch that provides complete Wi-Fi functionality for downloading apps, games, music and more. We’re happy to supply great prices on Apple iPod Touch in both 8 or 32 GB options and two colors. You can use your iPod Touch for much more than just playing music. You can also play games, surf the web, take photos and download all your favorite apps. These devices are a popular choice for teenagers and kids who need Wi-Fi capability without a data plan.

For amazing MP3 player deals, be sure to explore our variety of portable shuffle MP3 players that ring up for just a few bucks. Available in a variety of colors, these miniature MP3 players hold plenty of data and feature a long battery life. We also have regular portable MP3 players that, unlike the shuffle styles, let you select whichever song you want to play at the moment. These styles also allow you to listen to FM radio, watch movies and listen to e-books using built-in functions that come pre-set. iTech Deals offers cheap MP3 players in tons of eye-catching colors, including pink, blue, silver, black and green.