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HDMI, which stands for high-definition multimedia interface, was introduced in 2002 as a solution for transferring video and audio from one source to a computer monitor, projector, TV or audio device. Today, the most common use for HDMI cables is to connect computers to TVs and vise-versa and to connect your video gaming systems and other peripherals to your TV using a single cable. iTech Deals has HDMI cables for a fraction of the cost of what you’d find at electronics retailers and each one — even if you buy just a single HDMI cable! – includes free shipping from our store.

We have a variety of different HDMI cables to suit your unique needs. To achieve an optimal viewing experience in resolutions four times greater than today’s 1080p standard, pick up one of our 3D-ready Belkin HDMI Cables. We also offer single- and multi-pack HDMI cable options by Solidmate that are designed to transfer 1080p video signals at high speeds using a full-duplex Ethernet connection. These are a solid choice HDMI cable for any and all streaming and internet gaming applications. In our store, you’ll find standard 3- and 6-foot HDMI cables as well as long HDMI cables up to 16 feet for a custom configuration where wiring isn’t an issue.

Here at iTech Deals, we also carry many high-performing HDMI devices that will transform the way you view and stream content. For example, we have super-affordable miniature projectors with LCD projection technology so that you can seamlessly project videos and photos from your tablet, smartphone or computer. We also have quality streaming HDMI media players, such as Google Chromecast, that let you stream HD videos onto your TV through the internet. There’s no better way to integrate the internet with your TV (especially if you don’t have a Wi-Fi equipped or smart TV) than with these cool HDMI gadgets.